Run a Traceroute to determing the path of a packet from our network to a specific destination. This will display the domain, IP and ping times to each hop.

Run Traceroute


Browser Pingtest

Run an AJAX based pingtest to this server, not as accurate as from the command line however still useful.

Ping Server


Ping IP

Run an pingtest to a specific ip address.

Ping IP



Run an AJAX based speedtest on your connection to our servers, please note that some browsers or computers may not be able to test fast connections at full speed.

Run Speedtest


Help File

Download a small utility to generate a network support file to assist with troubleshooting your connection, our network operations team may have asked you to attach this to a case.

Generate File


Domain to IP Lookup

Type in a domain name to get the IP address of that domain.

Lookup IP


BGP Summary

Check the BGP Summary.

Get BGP Summary


BGP Route

Check the BGP route to a ip or range.

Show BGP Route

Submit Abuse Report

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